Cheat And Tricks Winning Eleven - Playstation2

Tricks And Cheat Winning Eleven On Playstation 2 - Team Strategy

Team Formation

In our discussion this time is how to create the best strategy for our team in the field .
Which basically we want to play the attacking game that wants to get a lot of goals scored and also beautiful . But if we only rely on tactics that only attack could backfire on our own , why so ? ? yes , because a good counter attack will destroy though only with one blow ...

and for that on this occasion we will discuss how where to make formations that have the ability to attack total defense but also very difficult to penetrate .
Actually to make a formation in the world of games WE10 WE8 AND PES can have two types of formations that we can choose for our use .

In terms of the two types of formations to fortunately this has its advantages , respectively. which we want to use it depends on what strategy will be used ..
because of my own personal prefers midfield , and short bait , so on this occasion I will give you tips and tricks cheat formations COUNTER ATTACK - ATTACK TOTAL - AND LAST FULL intact , combined into one formation only, and will be both work in the real game .

Well, , to be continued we started her discussion by using the 4-4 formation - 2B .
why I use this formation ? yes , because I think this is the best formation if you want to use the team strategy as above was .



- Better if you change the LMF & RMF into CMF ONLY.

For the next, we have to do is set the player position, which one needs to change is the only striker position. up to you how to change it.
once completed, the important thing is to set the strategy team that is on the menu of his formation.
you have to do is as follows.
1. Transform team strategy to Full Auto
why should it? yes, because in this way the formation we will run automatically with the condition of the field as the key.
2. The second option is to change the existing strategy team. there are many options on the team strategy, but only 4 strategy which we must use or we select. What is it? should we choose are:


That's what we should use in formations that we make this time. 
by selecting the 4 teams above the formation of our strategy can be a formation that has a variety of functions and also tactical creativity of the players will be very much. 

once completed, then we need to do is enough.

is still a lot that needs to change, but overall this is the core of this formation. If you have any additional, you can combine it with your normal formation. 

to make this formation to be successful, you should be able to master the ability ATT / DFF which is how it helps us in determining the quality of our formation. 
we can improve the quality of the attack or improve the quality of our team survive without reducing the quality of the existing strategy in this formation. 

seems enough up to our discussion here today. 
still visit our blog for the latest information from the world ps2. 

please if there is a typo in understandable, and if you have questions or suggestions, please publish in the comments field. 

regards cheaters,,,,, 

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